The Tr​ibal Sa​ge

......Healing Families On​e Sage a​t​ a time!

Equipping Women to Lead their Tribe ​to Generational  ​Health & Wealth! It all begins with you! 

15 Minute Consultation 

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Are you Stressed and Overwhelmed? Anxious? 

Dealing with Emotional Pain or Emotional Bondage? 

Are you unsure of your next steps Personally or Professionally? Feeling Stuck? 

Looking to reach your full potential but not sure how?

Do you want to develop new skills and reclaim optimal health for you and your family?

Our Service Offerings

At The Tribal Sage we focus on a Holistic Approach to healing. 

Looking at the Whole person physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and socially 

We partner with other Holistic Professionals to help create a Holistic Plan for our clients.

Holistic Health & Spiritual Life Coaching for 

Individuals and Groups

We help you to Overcome Emotional Blockages and past hurts holding you​ back from your greatest possible future! Assisting you in addressing all areas of your life holistically, you gain self-confidence, techniques and proven methods to help you manage the overwhelm and stress, alleviate the fear and anxiety of success or failure, gain support and a Tribal Sage family to help you along this journey of life! 

Spiritual Life coaching focusing on helping women to reclaim become more in-touch with their identity in christ. What does it look like to be a daughter of the most high God!? How do I incorporate my spiritual life holistically with all other areas? 

We can help!  We offer Individual and Group Coaching Sessions! Healing Circles and Women Support Groups

Purposeful Career & Financial Empowerment Coaching

Identify your True Purpose and Develop your Career Aspirations around it! We help you develop a plan of action for your next professional move! 

Once you make a living in a successful Career do you know how to manage your money?! Do you have a solid plan to protect you and your family should anything happen to you Do you know how to save money and build wealth? Let us coach you to success!

Healing through Dance Fitness, Integrative Nutrition & Alternative Methods 

Dance is Healing! Through Dance Fitness and other alternative methods we can break off negative emotions and pain that no longer serves us. Nutrition and Fitness is for  the Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit! All must be intact in order for you to fully heal! 

Community Outreach-Personal Development Advocacy for Women & Their Families

We engage the community by offering women and their families personal development or self-care seminars,  workshops designed for better living.

We build community and promote and faciliate social events to engage the Tribal Sage Community and beyond!